Some TrACS updates and Nominations for upcoming TrACS election

MARM 2022 Hosted by the Trenton Local Section and The College of New Jersey

The Trenton ACS board is actively working on the 2022 MARM.  We would love for you to come and/or present.  The Trenton Local Section will be celebrating our 75th year and the 50th MARM.  We are planning a totally in person event with COVID precautions designed for a safe as possible meeting!  We can’t wait to see you and network with you! Information as updated will be available on our website:

Call for Board Members

If you are interested in volunteering with the Trenton ACS board and/or the MARM, please contact us,  We will be conducting elections shortly! The following positions are available to nominate for:

Chair-Elect ’22 (Chair ’23)

Treasurer ‘22

Secretary ‘22

Councilor ’22-‘24

Alternative Councilor ’22-‘24

Director (3 positions) ’22-‘24

Updates from ACS Governance and Council

The pandemic has forced changes to ACS governance.  The Council meeting has gone virtual for the 2021 year.  Some of the highlights of the council meeting are the following.

1.  The ACS has maintained healthy financial status through the pandemic.  Many services have gone virtual.

2.  New levels of membership will be available to fit more financial and personal situations.  Check the membership page with ACS.

3.  Committee on Minority Affairs has been active on the DEIR values.  They have changed their duties to enlarge the underrepresented groups the committee services and still maintaining their original duties of increasing the voices of Black, Latinx, and Native American members.

4.  The last ACS meeting was hybrid and held in Atlanta Georgia with the majority opting for virtual.  The state of virtual and hybrid meetings are still being decided with San Diego also being a hybrid meeting.  (many regional meetings next year are being planned for in person, including MARM 2022)